8. Technology
Technology lies at the heart of MMGโ€™s operations and powers the processes which allowed the Guild to expand to over 2,250 scholars within the first 90 days. With a team of experienced software engineers, MMG has developed, and continues to develop, software and tools which vastly improve the way in which guild operations are handled.
Guild Recruitment App
The Guild Recruitment App allows for automation of the entire recruitment and onboarding process, including compliance procedures. This provides a seamless experience for Scholar applicants and ensures that manual input does not present a barrier to growth for the Scholarship Program.
MMG Scholarship Dashboard
Once onboarded, MMGโ€™s Scholar Management Dashboard provides MMG Scholars with all of the tools they need to succeed in-game, whilst also providing a wide range of other features. Examples of features (some live and some in-development) include:
  • Update payout addresses for various token & NFTs earnings;
  • Self-service payout system so the Scholar can choose when to receive earnings;
  • Performance data to track progress and compare against benchmarks;
  • Access user credentials for various games; Earn XP through quests in order to level up and access perks & rewards; and
  • Access custom educational content & materials, specific to each Scholar.
Scholarship Management Dashboard Design (In Development)
Smart Assets
MMG is also currently in the planning stages of developing a suite of tools which will leverage large volumes of data to automate asset management for playable assets. These tools will ensure that playable assets are in the right place, or the right hands, to optimise yield generation.
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