🕹️5. Esports

Web3 gaming has rapidly evolved from its origins in play-to-earn. Iterative development and the exploration of new economic models have ushered in refined systems within web3 games where rewards are increasingly earned by only the most competitive players. This reflects a natural progression that will continue given the importance of esports in ensuring the health and longevity of many game titles.

Top esports athletes represent MMG in premier esports leagues and tournaments to establish MMG as a championship winning organisation. MMG has onboarded championship winning web3 esports team Chosen Ones, including its founders to spearhead MMG’s esports program.

Game developers within web3 gaming recognise the importance of esports in the success of their games and are looking to work with teams who have knowledge and experience to support, whether that be through the development of their esports program, putting on events within their games, or providing advisory services. MMG offers, and is able to deliver on, all of these services, utilising an experienced team with decades of esports experience.

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