5. Esports
One of the inherent challenges facing blockchain gaming developers is that of retention. Outside of early games with tremendous momentum, many games will struggle to retain large numbers of players. The reason for this is that the current player base for many blockchain-based games are playing primarily for economic reasons, with recreation being a secondary motive. While this remains true, we will continue to see large volumes of players moving from title to title as new titles offer the promise of a higher economic return in the short term.
In addition to titles continuing to develop in terms of gameplay, for the space to flourish, there must also exist a healthy competitive environment. Titles which offer both skill-based gameplay and infrastructure to support competition will find that their player base has a greater incentive to stay. This is because competitive gameplay offers powerful intrinsic incentives for players who who wish to test their skill, in addition to the monetary benefits associated with competition such as prize winnings, league rewards, sponsorship opportunities and a platform to create content.
As MMG is operated by Method, the most accomplished esports organisation in MMO & RPG gaming ever to exist, with over 15 world championships won over 17 years, it is well positioned to develop this competitive landscape.
MMG will achieve this by pursuing two main objectives:
  1. 1.
    Field Championship Winning Esports Teams
MMG will operate a roster of top-tier competitive players in various titles within which the Guild operates. Esports athletes will be identified organically through Scholarship Program initiatives and also scouted externally by our esports team managers.
MMG already operates a highly competitive roster of scholars within Axie Infinity, with its active scholars boasting an average MMR of 1,656 as at the end of Season 20.
2. Operate Esports Events, Tournaments & Leagues
MMG will take advantage of Methodโ€™s in-house creative and production teams responsible for creating some of the most watched events on Twitch, like the Race to World First in order to:
  • Operate standalone events to showcase competitive talent and provide communities with a platform;
  • Partner with developers to build out an esports function within their titles; and
  • Build larger global leagues in partnership with relevant stakeholders to capture and showcase the highest level of competition.
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