🔮1. Opportunity

Web3 gaming will be the future of gaming, with major game publishers such as Ubisoft, Tencent and Konami investing in web3 and Epic welcoming web3 games on its platform.

The traditional gaming ecosystem is one typified by publisher control, where most of the value is captured by publishers. The web3 gaming ecosystem will be more equitable, with greater economic rewards flowing to the source of value creation, whether those beneficiaries be players, creators, event organisers or esports organisations.

Gamers today are consuming (and expecting) new content for games at a faster rate than developers and publishers are able to produce and release it, driving a surge in the supply of user generated content (“UGC”). Some of the most played games on PC right now, including Minecraft, ROBLOX, are all titles which rely entirely on UGC. Improved economic incentives for creators to produce within web3, in addition to an ever increasing demand for content from gamers, will continue to drive this trend forward.

As a result of this, over the next few years as the web3 gaming community matures, web3 gaming will consume and expand the $336 billion gaming market. Method MetaGuild (“MMG”) is positioned to benefit from this disruption and the following market shifts:

  • Significantly increased upside from operating esports & entertainment divisions

  • An increasing industry dependency on UGC in the form of games, quests, mods, add-ons etc

  • 87% of Gen. Z playing video games and spending twice as much time hanging out with friends in the metaverse than in real life

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