1. Opportunity
In 2021, blockchain gaming was truly revolutionary. Axie Infinity exploded in popularity, creating opportunities for Axie Infinity stakeholders to monetize their gameplay through blockchain technology while the game crossed $4 billion USD in sales in early 2022. This was a clear demonstration of the potential this technology has to disrupt the entire video game industry.
Blockchain gaming will evolve the way all video game stakeholders - from players to developers, publishers and investors - engage with game content. For gamers, this new form of gameplay will benefit them via innovative in-game economic ecosystems. For esports organisations, there will be opportunities to create new revenue streams that provide greater stability and ability to invest in player development. And for all, web3 gaming will create more equitable relationships between all video game stakeholders by diversifying ownership capabilities, creating opportunities for gameplay to compensate individuals financially, and empowering the community with enhanced governance abilities over the virtual worlds they spend so much time enjoying.
The blockchain gaming revolution will only continue to accelerate as seen in the increasingly popular mobile game category. As more entertaining blockchain games are released, the blockchain gaming population will continue to grow, scaling opportunities for gamers, creators, and esports competitors to turn their passions into their professions. Over the next few years as the blockchain gaming community matures, gaming guilds will continue to collaborate to determine best practices and fuel growth. This global collaboration prioritises an empowered community, creating a unique market dynamic that values the growth of new gaming guilds.
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