💻6. Entertainment (Media)

Despite the early success of many web3 games, there remains very little media presence in both live streaming and VOD content.

As an organisation, Method has taken a content-first approach and produced more owned & operated content than any other esports team in existence. MMG leans on this expertise to bring that same winning formula and high production value to events in web3 gaming and execute its diverse media strategy.

  • MMG hosts premier esports events and fields top esports athletes while executing a diverse media strategy which includes entertaining and educational content

  • MMG creates event IPs, building an owned & operated media portfolio and working closely with game developers in the process

  • MMG has established itself as the premier web3 esports event organiser, recently securing the biggest grant by Sky Mavis to date in order to host MMG’s Axie Master League with a prize pool of USD$160,000.

  • MMG works with partners and brands through integration and by creating custom experiences

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