📈10.1 Owning $MMG

The $MMG Token is a way for holders to participate in the economics of Method MetaGuild, LLC. Each token represents a pari-passu economic interest in Method MetaGuild.

The $MMG token has potential value based on:

  • Income generated by Method MetaGuild through play-to-earn gaming activities and other revenue generating business activities;

  • Distributions to token holders in the form of a stable currency.

  • The value and potential appreciation of treasury-owned playable NFTs and liquid tokens.

$MMG is a security asset, verified by way of KYC. Therefore, $MMG has transfer restrictions. Transfers or trading of the $MMG token can only be performed between 2 transfer-restricted wallet addresses. Therefore, the $MMG token contains metadata to distinguish and allow for these transactions to take place.

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