🪜4. Business Model

MMG’s synergistic operating model engages stakeholders across the breadth of the web3 gaming ecosystem including esports athletes, casual gamers, content creators, fans, viewers and developers.

  • MMG develops and operates infrastructure technology products including a web3 esports platform (WeCompete.gg), the MMG Esports Academy and an unannounced UGC project

  • MMG creates gaming media such as large scale live events, often in partnership with game developers, and partners with influential content creators

  • MMG operates an esports program that consists of championship winning esports athletes and a large pool of skilled prospect players

  • MMG acquires game assets for its esports program to use in competition, ultimately increasing the value of those assets through exposure

MMG’s esports, media and entertainment activities increase brand exposure and awareness, acting as a marketing tool for its tech products and our game assets. By having an active competitive presence and an engaged fan base in key web3 titles, MMG is able to identify opportunities for lucrative game asset investments whilst also driving traffic to its tech products.

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