7. Education
From casual to professional, gamers across all genres make use of educational content and resources to help them hone their skills, learn new tips and tricks, improve their interface or simply better their understanding of the game. Within blockchain gaming, the incentive to access educational content and resources is even greater, as now these games provide a direct economic reward often tied to player performance.
From operating a network of websites and resource hubs, and with over a decade of experience producing trusted guides and educational content, Method knows what gamers are looking for when it comes to educational content. With this depth of knowledge and operational expertise benefitting the Guild, MMG aims to become the most trusted source for game-related educational content in the blockchain gaming arena.
Realising synergies across the Guild, MMGโ€™s educational resources will leverage the experience of its esports athletes and the influence of its content creators to reach millions of gamers seeking to bring their best to every game.
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